Can’t Find Anyone To Love…

Where are all the decent men? Where are the women that don’t act like….(you can fill the blank). The truth is they are every where but you aren’t interested.

You don’t really want to love because you don’t know how.

A relationship is what you imagine it to be based on your favourite novels, films or T.V shows. Fiction is fiction for a reason. It is fantasy.

The way to find love is to find yourself. What makes you happy? It is the starting place and a great foundation for making and finding a relationship.

Look at the interests that bring you to life! You might enjoy working out so, ‘hey presto’ miss single over there shares the same passions and exuberance for fitness related things as yourself.

Humans are connective beings, it is why social media platforms have sky rocketed. The essence of the platform is in the thrill of connecting with another person.

Reach out.

Kayleigh DuPont-Modeste