We decide our own fortunes.

Casually walking around the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) with my sister and her family, we noticed a dimly lit purple booth with glass showcase cabinets and two women sitting across from each other. Above our heads hung the word, “PSYCHIC,” in bold gold letters. Contrary to my expectations, the psychic’s booth didn’t look like the stereotypical Hollywood set up. Yes, there was a crystal ball, but aside from that and the giant sign; it could have been mistaken for any other booth around the pavilion.

The young lady sitting across the psychic had her palms open and was held by the psychic as she received her reading. Soon after her reading, I saw the young lady stand up from her seat teary eyed. Holding back her tears, she didn’t look sad at all. Sweetly smiling at the psychic and thanking her for the brief reading, the young lady was happy.

I don’t know what they were talking about or whether the psychic was real, but this peaked my curiosity enough to linger until the young lady left. I walked up to the psychic and asked her about her services and how long she would be around the pavilion. A little hesitant, I told her that I would think about it and come back a later on.

Actually, I thought about going to a psychic before, just for fun you know? Besides, I’m already here so why not! Needless to say, it didn’t take very long until I found myself looping around her booth. Someone else was already sitting in for a reading. So, I waited near the glass cabinets for my turn, thinking about the possible questions to ask her. I had to narrow it down to 3.

Sitting down across the psychic, I was a little nervous, skeptical but still curious about what she would say. I asked about my career path, relationships/love and family. A pretty good set of questions to cover important bases.

The psychic asked me to give her my palms before doing the reading. A few minutes into the reading she said that she was having a hard time feeling my energy since she was feeling multiple people’s energies. Evidently, it was common for people with big hearts since other people’s energies are attracted to such a quality. Not giving up, she spread her Tarot cards across the table and told me to pick a card per question. This method seemed to work better for her so we kept going until the end of the reading.

Sorry, I won’t be divulging into too much detail about our conversation and what she had said. Though, I would say that some details were broad and could be associated with different people and situations while a few were surprisingly specific.

Walking away from her booth, I thought about the reading and what she said right before I left, “stop doubting yourself so much.” A rather odd farewell if you ask me…

Do I believe her?

Not entirely.

Was the experience believable?

Perhaps, but it probably could have been more convincing had she given me more specific details.

Did I get anything out of it?

Of course! At the end of the day, it was an interesting experience to have. It made me think about what’s happening now and what may come. However, I won’t be resting on my laurels because a psychic predicted things for me.

We have this thing called free agency. It let’s us have choices, quite an empowering ability when used wisely. So, whether or not we’re meant to have 3 kids, it’s still in our power to have 3 kids or maybe just 1. The same applies to our career paths and romantic partners.

We decide our own fortunes.

Funny, how a psychic taught me that lesson.

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