Other Female Firsts Covered Like Hillary’s Historic Nomination
Full Frontal

Hillary got where she is by riding the coat tails of her husband. Even to the point of putting up with his cheating, philandering and even rape just to maintain the power. Listen to her words, “I’ll put my husband in charge of the economy. He thinks of ideas every minute.” Why? Doesn’t she have her own ideas. Also, now she is riding Obama’s coat tails. She has no new plans, no new ideas, just the status quo. HO HUM!!!! Now look at this list of these women above. Who were their husbands? No one knows, because they broke the glass ceilings on their own with intelligence, hard work and perseverance. I have NO RESPECT for her. I would have waited 20 more years for a woman president if that’s what it took to get someone who actually deserves the position and worked for it on her own.