Ancient history is irrelevant here.
Ben Granby

Mr. Granby you still did not show that the Palestinian Arabs are the indigenous people of the Land of Canaan/Israel Judea Samaria/Palestina/Turkish Province/Mandatory Palestine/Third State of Israel. There are no indigenous peoples there as that term is used in defining the Aborigine People of Australia. Your disingenuous reference to 5000 years, when the Jews were expelled by the Romans around 135 is puzzling? Are you referring to Noah? As to the fact that the territories were gained in a defensive war you still do not refute the fact that the Palestinian Arabs tried to throw the Palestinian Jews into the sea. All those plans like Plan Dalet you speak about came in response and defense to the attacks by Palestinian Arabs against Palestinian Jews. They were responses to attacks. The lands were not stolen, some Palestinian Arabs fled when the war started by their politicians reached them. Their choice for the most part. You are wrong about not being compensated. Israel enacted a law as to abandoned property compensation but the Palestinian Arabs decided not to accept it . Their choice again. As to the fact that Israel is not perfect agreed, but it is not an apartheid state like South Africa was there is no official bantustans etc.