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Mr. Salhani you are at best disingenuous. The Palestinian Arabs are not the indigenous people. They are descendanst of invaders. The area originally known as Canaan then Israel/Judea/Samaria then Palestina by the Romans then the Holy Land by the Crusaders then a province of other Arab states does not have the Palestinian Arabs as the “indigenous people”. They are just some of many groups who came there and settled and stayed. There was always a Jewish presence albeit small which the Palestinian Arabs periodically oppressed. The 1800s Jewish return to their ancestral land was by legal immigration and in fact was accompanied by a larger Arab immigration to that area. Many of those immigrants descendants are today’s Palestinian Arab refugees. You “forgot” to mention that the Palestinian Jews accepted 2 partition plans which would have made 2 binational states with no one being displaced. The Palestinian Arabs rejected both and in 1947 unsuccessfully tried to drive the Palestinian Jews into the sea. As to the Sefardi Jews, they chose Israel over any Arab country.

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