Why School Sucks (hint: it’s not because it’s “boring”)
Isabella Bruyere

This is almost exactly what I went through in school. I felt like school transitioned from learning focused to stress focused. It was almost like it was all designed to push people to hate learning.

This was a great read Bella!

This same realization is why I completely flipped my old routine upside-down. I got so fed up that I gave up on all the usually stress building aspects of school and just started to play it like a game.

I started asking, how can I score high without the stress? That is usually answered using the syllabus.

One teacher I had used to give an hour of homework every night. When I looked at the syllabus, that homework was worth only 10% of my final grade. It suddenly clicked: I could skip the homework saving tons of hours of stress and still score a 90. Naturally, I didn’t completely skip it because some work is good test prep but realizing I could skip all that work that really sucked changed everything.

It’s all about learning like you said.

Learning how the system works can be a fulfilling process in itself.

Anyway, thanks for sharing! I loved it!