A Word From Our Sponsors

I have no sponsors. Although I do have a paying gig that is partially supporting my lifestyle.

One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi…wait, are all of these pennies?

Per the pic above, I just said “partially”, right? Haha! (Hello, client and pseudo-sponsor, I love you! Please keep paying me!!)

Anyway, one of the things this client has started to do is to ramp up their marketing and networking, resulting in me having to go to conventions, which is not my cup of tea. I get to travel to and see new places so I know it sounds like tons of fun, but after a long time of not having a place I considered home and also being on the road, I kind of like to snuggle down and stay put unless I am packing my bags for an actual vacation.

I am an introvert, a hermit to a degree, to the point that I actually have to force myself to get out of the house and do stuff because unless otherwise, I would die as an eccentric old woman who is the neighborhood shut-in. My main contact with the outside world would be with Mormon missionaries and kids hocking magazines and the occasional UPS or FedEx delivery person. I wouldn’t have cats (being allergic to them), but I would probably have something like hamsters or beta fish, so fortunately people wouldn’t find me with chew marks on me after two weeks of my passing. However, it would probably actually take that amount of time or more for my neighbors to even notice that they haven’t “seen me around lately”.

If left to my own natural inclinations, my dead body would most likely only be discovered by the authorities because of overdue books and DVDs from the local library. I do love some outside-of-the-house activities, like go to the said libraries or stroll down streets and poke through random things in “antique” stores or sit by myself eating a meal in a restaurant, taking three hours to do so, as I read or watch something on my Kindle or ponder life in general. Running is something else I enjoy, but I have to make sure that I’m doing it for pleasure, NOT sport, since otherwise I would become too competitive (with myself and other runners on the street).

From time to time, I go out with a group of girlfriends who are mostly casual acquaintances (I would consider only one of them as a friend, as much as our schedules allow) and live it up, but this usually leads to trouble more often than not. You know, the kind that either results in hysterical and convoluted Murphy’s Law stories or mortifying situations that make you want to cover yourself with shame. I actually love to go out to clubs and dance the night away, but unfortunately none in the group enjoy the same and as one gets older, it becomes harder to find people you get along with who even like to go out and party. So I don’t hit the bars and clubs as much as I used to. Which I actually don’t mind that much, to be honest.

I wish I could attribute my reclusive tendencies completely to my age, but I can’t, as I’m not an old cat lady. I think I inherited this trait from my mother. There are times she disappears off the reservation and I don’t hear from her for a month or so and then I start to think, “Hmmm. Haven’t heard from mom in a while. I hope she’s okay.” She likes to go on the conference circuits on the spur of the moment, giving lectures and presentations. My mother also loves to trot off to visit her sisters or a few key friends or, mainly, hole up writing her next dissertation.

My mother usually never gives me or my sister her itinerary unless we specifically ask for it; even then, it may be a few days before we hear back from her. She is fiercely independent, as I would be if I didn’t have people around (“Why do I need to tell you where I’m going? It’s none of your business!”).

My Mother: I don’t answer to anyone. Especially nosy people who like to ask me what is up in my life. This includes my daughters.

Sometimes she will also undertake some random quest, like finding a particular sort of yarn of an insanely unpopular color and comb strange towns and dusty little shops until she finds the object of her desire (of course, then she would knit something with this yarn and send it to me and I would hate it, but never ever feel like I can discard it without immense ungrateful-daughter-guilt).

So I never know what’s up with my mother. And, in a way, I’m kind of the same way, as loathe as I am to admit it.

However, the absence of any new entries on my blog for the next week or so will NOT be due to (hopefully) the fact that I am sprawled out on my living room floor while my imaginary hamsters (or gerbils) are wondering where their next meal is coming from as they worriedly squeak. (Sniff. Poor things!!) It will be because I will be at a convention so I will be back soon if I can’t get any writing done in the meantime; I hope the (very few, I’m sure) people who follow my blog understand.

This will be me yawning my way through the convention.

See you guys soon!