Autumn is Awesome

Autumn is pretty cool. Photo credit:

I love autumn. The brightening colors of nature around me during this time always reminds me how awesome it is to live on the east coast. The air brings with it an almost astringent quality, making my skin feel all tingly and alive.

Forgive me. I always get a little crazy when the fall season approaches. I’ve been known to throw my arms up and shout, in the middle of the street, “It’s autumnal!!”.

Some of it has to do with the fact that I spent my high school years near Boston and let me tell you, there is NOTHING like autumn in New England. You’ll hear people talk about it and you may roll your eyes, much like you would when the said people mention lobster rolls, oyster stew, Martha’s Vineyard, maple candy, and other identifiers of New England. But it’s true. Nobody will truly understand how beautiful autumn can be until they visit New England during that time of year and view the sprawling vistas of vibrant red, orange, and yellow hues of the leaves on the trees against the greens of the surrounding landscape.

Fall in Maryland can be beautiful as well, depending on where you are. Unfortunately, like spring, it always seems too short. The bright colors dull quickly and the scent that is uniquely autumn — earthy, with a hint of the crisp leaves that are crumbling on the trees — mixed with the cold atmosphere fades within a month. But I’ll take it!

At this time of year, I start pulling out my boots and wearing cute little outfits reminiscent of England (capes, hats, clothing patterned with herringbone and plaid). I also leverage the whole “shellfish tastes best during months ending with r” reasoning to buy and consume as many crabs and raw oysters as possible. Or get others to join me in the crunching and slurping of seafood.

I have to say that living in Maryland has entirely spoiled me when it comes to seafood. If I’m in another region besides the Mid-Atlantic or New England, I automatically veer away from ordering any of those dishes when I’m at a restaurant. I become a snob, turning up my nose at any seafood entrees while boringly mentioning how wonderful they would be back home. Yes, I guess that I am now officially a closed-minded, stuck-in-my-ways adult.

Regardless, autumn here is wonderful and I always try to take advantage of its short span of existence as much as possible. I hope other people do, too!

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