Canton Waterfront Park Can Be Fun

A First Thursday concert right down the street from where I live.

Canton Waterfront Park is a fun place to go. There is a cozy spread of grass with areas that are open to sunlight and those shaded by overhanging branches. A Water Taxi and Charm City Circulator stop is right there as well, connecting (however limited) residents and visitors alike to other Baltimore neighborhoods along the harbor.

As for people-watching, it is a prime location to observe people working out (like those militaristic boot-camp morning sessions) and lazying about. People also fish right off the pier with poles and coolers and once I even saw someone crazily running on the edge of the walk with a long-poled net trying to scoop up fish (or…?). However, he was using a leaf skimmer (for swimming pools) which probably meant he wasn’t able to catch whatever he was chasing.

Leaf skimmer. Good for scooping up leaves. Not fish.

I was reminded of that game at carnivals and festivals when, as a kid, you were given a small paper net to try to catch goldfish which you then keep. Do they even do that anymore?

See? Impossible.

Not to mention, would you really want to eat fish from anywhere along the Baltimore Inner Harbor? I don’t think so.

Mutant fish. Yummy.

Canton Waterfront Park, thankfully, offers more than mutant fish. In the summers, you can go to First Thursdays, which is a free concert event held the first Thursday of every month from 6:30 to 10:00 pm ( It’s pretty awesome. People start heading down a little after 5:00 pm with collapsible chairs slung over their shoulders, toting picnic baskets, trying to snag the best spots before space gets too crowded.

During the winter, the park isn’t as busy, but it’s still a nice place to take a walk or snuggle on a bench with someone while shivering in your coat and gazing out on the water and at people passing by.

Baltimore City is trying to connect all the neighborhoods along the harbor, from Federal Hill through downtown and Fell’s to Canton. Because of that, there has been a ton of revitalization, spurring on new developments such as Harbor East, Harbor Point, and Canton Crossing. Trendy restaurants and apartments have popped up and for the first time in decades, we are finally experiencing an increase in our population (immigration vs. emigration), especially in younger demographic groups.

Town in Montana. Cute, but not terribly exciting. Much like goldfish.

All this is well and good, except that I have to confess that I hate the arrival of big box stores down the street such as Target and DSW. I don’t want to live somewhere that looks like everywhere else, but it seems that the only way I can avoid that nowadays is if I move to somewhere like Montana.

So I guess I’ll stick around Canton, Baltimore for a little while longer. It’s not difficult to remember why I stay when I look at some pics I took in August of this year from the park. It truly can be a beautiful place.

A pic taken by yours truly.
I love this…old bridge thingy?
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