HA HA! Yes, Obama Cared THAT MUCH About You That He Actually Wiretapped Your Phones.

Okay, Trump Miser. Whatever You Say.

I…no. Can’t. There is no appropriate caption for the topic and pic of this post.

Um, I think Obama had a very, very BIGLY job that he was probably more concerned with. Yuge. In the running of this country. Which Trump Miser, you really should get to and spend more time on instead of subjecting the general populace to incredible, conspiracy-like tweets about how Obama…wiretapped your phones? Really? Do you really think you were all that vital, that important, that the President of the United States of America would actually tap your phones to listen to…what? Your profound ruminations about your astute political analysis of the election and what your “strategy” is to secure the presidency?


I hear that word in my head a lot recently when I read the news. And again, I hate that I’m posting about the Trump Miser because I do want us to come together as a nation. I do. But that is what I hear bouncing around in my head when I read of some of the things Trump Miser has done, or his own personal tweets, that word, Really? sends off a ping in my skull, resonates through my eardrums, travels down my spine, and I have to squash it down and be like He is the leader of our country, we have to try to work with it! Shut up, Really, go away, don’t come back!!

But it does. Because…it just does. My brain can’t help it.