The Presidency vs Reality TV? Hmm…Let Me Think.

I told myself that I wouldn’t post about the presidential election today. But I can’t help myself.

I am a registered independent. Not because I want to snub the partisanship inclinations of our political electoral framework (of course ANYONE can be elected, really!), but because I am “pro” left or right on many issues. I truly am, in a scary, extreme kind of way.

But as I head out to my polling station down the street, I have to state that aside from all the security/female/race/immigration/tax issues, the one main sticking point for me when it comes to Trump has always been boiled down to one fact.

During the last election cycle, he actually had to weigh the pros and cons between appearing on The Apprentice versus running as the President of the United States of America.

As a minority female, I know that there should be other stances that Trump takes that people believe should offend me more. But…no. Yes, my blood boils when I think of them, but that’s not what truly gets me riled up. Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and many of our founding fathers had views on race, foreign nations, and the labor drivers of the North and South economies which are troublesome to me.

But they all, I personally believe, truly wanted to serve the people.

I categorically refuse to vote for someone who paused, even for an instant, running as the leader of this country in favor of hosting a reality tv show.

The presidency requires someone who should ideally sacrifice all to guide us down the road to the next golden age. Our presidents, in my opinion, should always keep the American people first and foremost in their minds as they struggle with the heavy weight of dilemmas that invade the oval office and beyond.

I want a president who considers leading this country and campaigning in order to do so as an honor. A privilege. Even a mandate. Because it is. It should not be eschewed for anything else, especially a stupid, self-promoting, reality tv show.

I am amazed that nobody has emphasized this fact during the entire campaign, on both sides of the aisle, so I’m saying it now.

A disgrace to the legacy of the sacrifice many have made to cultivate the greatness of what this country is and what may one day be is when we, as Americans, would even consider electing someone who had to pause in debating whether he should serve his own entertainment sponsored interest versus those of the American people.