What’s Changed In No Man’s Sky Since Next

Space the final frontier. Ever since mankind has been able to see the stars, we’ve been obsessed with exploring it. Any science fiction fan knows the opening monologue of Star Trek and the promise that it gave of infinite discovery and exploration of the unknown. That was the dream and it was No Man’s Sky that was set to deliver on that dream.

Created by independent game developer Hello Games, No Man’s Sky was launched with the promise of a deep space exploration game in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy. It was a universe of 18 quintillion planets with countless numbers of life forms and civilizations ready to be explored. Unfortunately what was expected to be 2016’s Game of the Year barely made Game of the Week when it launched.

Since then the game has gone through numerous patches and updates to try and deliver what the game should have been 2 years ago.


Since the launch of No Man’s Sky in 2016, it’s gone through four major updates and countless numbers of patches to keep improving its gameplay quality. The updates entitled Foundation, Path Finder, Atlas Rises and Next have only gotten bigger and better, giving the game an extremely robust gameplay to what it had when it first launched.

It’ll take way more time than you want to spend watching this video to go over all the new resources, blueprints, ships and weapons that have been released, so instead we’ll focus on its biggest change in features to date.

When No Man’s Sky released you wouldn’t be wrong in assuming it was an early access or technical demonstration of the game that was promised. While there were a huge number of procedurally generated planets and environments, the content was still very light and after a couple of hours, the most worthwhile thing you could do was take a couple of screenshots for your desktop background.

In the latest Next update, Hello Games has taken its visuals to a whole new level with better attention to detail, effects and lighting. In its initial launch, the overall sameness of each planet got old pretty quickly. The biomes lacked a richness of depth and it became a chore to walk around what looked like the same place for 20 minutes. Players were simply uninspired to explore.

The update has created a much more vibrant and diverse planetary exploration experience that teams with life and character. The terrain generates faster and ground, water, and cloud textures have been upgraded. This attention to detail while small goes a long way in adding depth into the once flat and ringless planets. Even the flora and fauna of each planet have gotten a much needed revamp. The creatures while still odd and terrifying now have a plethora of responses and personalities for you to learn about. All this just adds to a truly rich ecosystem which makes a planetary discovery feel worthwhile.

In addition to this visual update is the introduction of a third person camera. I’m an FPS girl personally but the beauty of No Man’s Sky is truly is wasted in that perspective. This third person camera gives you a sense of the scale of your place in the universe and now that you can customize your character you’re able to enjoy looking at all your fiddling about and questionable colour choices.


Base Building

The first big update that came to No Man’s Sky introduced base building. It’s one of the core components of the game today and it allowed players to find and claim bases on planets that they liked. You were able to build a host of different features including farms for that loot grind as well as storage. That would help to alleviate the inevitable inventory issues that you’ll run into when you’re forced to dump out your cobalt for gold. This will inevitably lead you to find a ship that you need said cobalt to fix about 5 minutes later.

In the Next Update, bases are now able to be built anywhere and by anywhere I do mean anywhere. On the top of a mountain or under the sea, wherever you think will be the coolest place for your base. And if there’s some uneven terrain messing up your site the new terrain manipulator will take care of that too. Friends are able to share in the creation of your base and bases, in general, are larger and more complex. Best of all you can now own multiple bases and place teleports so travel is a much more streamlined experience.