Where mealtime is a moment for change

People sitting around tables.

We live in a system in which a white cop feels empowered to kneel on a Black man’s neck for nearly 9 minutes and take his life. That system is held up by politicians, officers, and everyday citizens who grew up in homes with a narrow view of America —…

Even through closed restaurants and a pandemic, he’s pursuing his dream

A portrait of Darius Williams.

When Darius Williams moved to Atlanta five years ago, he thought he wanted to be the next Food Network star. A boisterous, gay Black chef, Williams’ personality and culinary skills were in his favor. Instead, the food blogger became a social media star on his own, Food Network not included.

What the first cookbook from an African American chef teaches us

Toni Tipton-Martin’s lauded cookbook Jubilee, named one of the best cookbooks of 2019 by numerous publications, is one of the most significant efforts to share the stories and recipes of the chefs who created and shaped African American cooking — and an American culinary landscape that people from endless backgrounds…

The spiced drink parallels America’s fraught history with African Americans

Creamy, aromatic eggnog is a staple in American homes during the winter — we consume an estimated 135 million pounds per year, to be exact. Whether served in mugs at holiday parties or paired with whiskey, rum, or brandy, the beverage inevitably makes an appearance on drink menus around Christmastime.

We need to decolonize what is considered ‘aesthetically pleasing’ food

IfIf you’re looking for Black or West African food on iStock, you might have some trouble. A search for “Black food” or “African American food” pulls up a range of random results: a few Black Americans cooking or eating, an image of coffee beans, and a graphic of a hamburger…

Chef-owner Russell Jackson wants you to be present when you’re visiting his Harlem restaurant

It was a chilly Friday night, just one day after the death of beloved U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings, when I walked into Reverence in Harlem’s Strivers’ Row and read a welcome card emblazoned with a quote from the Baltimore congressman: “I’m going to do what feeds my soul.”

If Russell…

Kayla Stewart

Kayla Stewart is a freelance journalist from Houston, and is currently based in Harlem.

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