Research Question

As we go further into this century, the development of new technologies and marketing techniques accelerates with us. Young adults are now being taught the future of marketing, and new ways to gather the attention of an audience, rather than the classic old-style media of just print and graphics. With technology revolutionizing, so is creative marketing tactics to gain the attention of the new kind of demographic: young adults who were raised with technology. …

Brand: Page One Cafe ( )

What are they doing right?

Overall Page One does a great job with spreading brand awarness online by doing the following:

  1. They follow people who go to Ryerson University

By following people who attend the University they are located next to, they make people curious about who they are, what they do, and where they are located. Since its opening, Page One has become a staple study space for students to get caffineted and work in a great atmosphere.

2. What they post

Page One posts photos of their coffees, the outside of the cafe as well as the inside, and customers enjoying their time within the cafe. Doing this interests coffee lovers trying to find the next big place, and students looking for a chill place to hangout. Seeing reviews from popular news sources also helps boost their feed with information potential customers might find interesting, to encourage them to visit the cafe. …

For this assignment I decided to switch CNN for FOX news. Considering I am more liberal than conservative, I chose these comparisons as they both swing in different directions. Here are my findings:

1. Steve Hilton: Mr. Trump, give working Americans your brand of positive populism at the State of the Union

One thing I noticed first about switching news sources, was the comments from readers. …

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