What are Cochlear Implants?

Cochlear implants are medical devices, it’s meant for those with profound to severe hearing loss. This device can have viewed as a hearing prosthetic. The main goal of the cochlear implant is to ensure that the users will have the ability to hear sounds such as conversations, movies etc. But how do cochlear implants really work? You would have to have surgery to receive the internal piece. The internal piece is viewed as a “receiver”, it can receive the sounds from the “transmitter” which is viewed as the external piece. The “receiver” is surgically implanted, so that when the sounds are sent to the transmitter, it can send to the “receiver” which then allows your brain to interpret the sounds you heard. The receiver replaces the cochlea, which is damaged due to many reasons; it could have simply happened prior to birth. The cochlea’s job is to receive vibrations and send them; however, this is not functional. The “receiver” is useful to collect all the sounds you hear and redirect them back on to the right path. I would say this method is pretty like the telephone conversation. Imagine you are talking on the phone with your best friend, your words would send to the telephone tower and then bounces to your best friend’s phone. Same idea, the internal device would be your telephone pole and the external device would be a cell phone. Cochlear implants simply allow one to hear sounds around them.

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