Change: Its Time

I said good-bye and went away.
The sorrowful words I mumbled, the tears I wept, I’ve swept them under the carpet. I’ll think about it later, I said, not now.

I left my old habits and ways.
I’ve spent time — thinking, growing, healing and discovering the materials that make up this fragile heart tucked in my chest.

I found my faith.
God was there all this time. Yet, without you, I had no one to run to, and there He stood with open arms. His love and spirit transformed me and made me feel alive.

I found friends — people who made me giggle and feel comfortable in my worn down brown sandals — you know the ones. 
My friends hugged me with each hello and goodbye, and asked about my days at the shop. In our small Bible Study groups we shared our stories and I shared mine. I then realized,
I wasn’t the only broken, struggling soul in the room.

See, but that’s the thing. 
There’s been changes,
I’m not the same.

I feel more…me — the most me I’ve felt in a while.

I know I said good-bye and 
went away.
I’m here.
And — I promise this time, I’ll stay.