No More Nostalgia

Remember when your fifth grade teacher handed you a thin paperback book. You took it home and spilled ranch dressing on the cover, then your cheeto stained fingers smeared orange dust on the corner of page 27.

Remember when your high school required you to buy a twenty pound textbook. You immediately flipped to Page 1 of 400 to see who signed their name in the “Who Owns This Book” column.

Remember when you wrote a poem about that dreamy blue-eyed teenage boy, in the pages of your math book. The boring subject let you dream and forget.

So, your sister's’ friend found it two years later. Mushy words and all, inscribed in pencil right on Page 1 of 400.

Remember when you read The Great Gatsby, and tears fell from your eyes onto the dog-eared pages.

Remember when you finally finished the book and you slammed the covers together like a hardy PB and J sandwich.

Kids in high school and college are in the digital age. No more thin or heavy books handed out or required. No more stains, tears, or dog-ears. No more poetry, no more highlighters or pencil marks. No more names or numbers.

No more remembering.

No more nostalgia.

Please ❤ merci!

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