Movies/ TV/ Book Reflections: Coming soon to a blog near you.

I love movies. It’s simple. It’s kinda the reason I am writing. I need to do something that will get myself out there. To be honest, I don’t expect anyone to read this, I write to nothingness for my own personal gain. A friend of mine told me a quote by some famous writer who I forgot, like if I said the writer’s name you’d know, he’s old. They said, writing is like bleeding, probably not exactly what he said, but along those lines.

Anyways, back to the title. Due to this new found writing in which I had a very poor start in because I started this blog more than a week ago and this is barely the second time I am writing. Okay, here it goes again (I feel like there’s a song like this).

I love movies and TV.

Movies: I’ll watch pretty much anything, but I mainly like indies and comedy. I feel like these movies really make sense. Indies because they are so real, some don’t even have a happy ending. That is real, becuase sometimes, happy endings don’t exist. I mean I shouldn’t be the one having to explain this to you but yea, they don’t sometimes. Sorry. And comedies, because I am falling in love with the industry. But I am trying to go back to get a better understanding of it so I can do stand up one day. I can say I wanna be the next Dan Aykroyd(by the way I totally Googled his name because I still can’t spell )or Chris Farley or Chelsea Peretti, but I can’t because they are their own, and no one can imitate that.

TV: It can be anywhere from comedy, to drama, to talk shows, even bad TV. My series on my DVR is a bit much.

All in all, you should see my Netflix list, you should also see my movie list that is on a post-it on my desktop. HOLY SHIT. I feel like it’s never ending. I just want to watch them all in order to be at peace twith myself or I’ll go fucking insane.

So BACK TO THE TITLE, I am really good at going on a tangent. Anyways, I am going to start writing movie/TV reflections on things that, how do I put this without sounds like a complete lame-ass, touch me? That’s even worse, way worse. Actually, now I am going to change my title. *pause* ANNND, I changed it. I enjoy all three: movies, TV, and books.

Books: Let me side track here before I move forward. I like reading, but not like the reading that makes me super smart looking and like “I am a total hipster” reading. But reading that’s easy, doesn’t make me think, that will probably end up as a movie. Actually, when I see movie trailers with the beginnning “Based on the best selling novel..” I will go read that book. Reason why I have only seen the first Harry Potter movie. I like reading easy reads that high school people would read because I am not that smart for metaphors and shit like that most of the time.

BACK TO THE TITLE! Books, TV, movies, they always make me think. They always make me wish I wasn’t me, or what I can do to be a better me? That sounded weird. Anyways, I want to/will start writing on these different experiences with different movies, books, TV shows. And once I charge my computer here at work, I will probably be blessing the nothingness that I write to with one of these reflections. I would like to start off with my favorite movie of the summer, Me And Earl And The Dying Girl, but I need to re-watch it. So who knows, maybe I’ll buy ice cream, or frozen yogurt to keep my health kinda better, to watch it then write about it, but I doubt it.

I should be writing these reflections after I’ve seen the movie recently but that means I will have a list of shit to re-watch so I can rewrite about them. And my list is long enough as it is.

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