Hillary Clinton’s debate

Or is it?

Saturday night is the second Democratic Debate. As I eagerly wait for the candidates to take the stage, I can’t help but wonder what this debate will bring. Hillary is entering the debate stage at Drake University as the clear frontrunner. I mean, without Joe Biden running, does Hillary have anything to worry about?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: According to a The Huffington Post article this week, Senator Bernie Sanders and former Governor Martin O'Malley are ready to hit the stage swinging. If this is true, Saturday’s debate might just be worth staying in on a Saturday night.

I was kind of disappointed in what the last Democratic Debate entailed. I was blissfully undecided and thought getting the candidates on stage and having them talk about what sets them apart would be the kick I needed to choose a candidate (hint: it didn’t help). Instead of hearing what set candidates apart, I heard a lot about how Democrats all get along and support one another. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great, but not helpful for the undecided crowd.

I want to hear why the three remaining candidates are right for the job. I want them to fight for the privilege to become the next Democratic candidate for president.

I’m not saying I’m looking for a battle similar to what we see when the Republicans debate, I just want the candidates to differentiate from one another.

I’ll be anxiously awaiting to see what Saturday brings.