The Story Behind Lynchburg, Virginia’s Infamous Dachshund Sticker

What Does this Sticker Mean?

If you spend enough time in Lynchburg, you might start to notice the dachshund stickers that seem to pop up in random places all around the city. From touristy spots to stop signs and park benches, the black and white twin dachshund seems to be everywhere. …

How to leverage the hidden opportunities of online events

While quarantine meant events and job fairs were temporarily put on hold, going virtual brought about an entirely new way to meet people. It seems like entire industries are uniting to help those affected by the pandemic.

Training courses, networking events, even conferences are being moved online — many of…

Negotiation Advice from Michael Helbling’s JOIN Program

As a response to the global pandemic and its effect on the job market, Michael Helbling launched the JOIN Program in March. The program was designed as a way to unite analysts and data scientists and help secure jobs during the pandemic.

Helbling has served as a board member for…

Three Things I Learned by Taking an Undergraduate Creative Writing Course

After taking an undergraduate creative writing course, here are three key takeaways I learned for strengthening short fiction pieces.

1. Create Tension and Maintain it

When it comes to writing short fiction, there is one essential question every writer should ask: How is a sentence moving your piece forward? In this genre, every line you include…

Kayla Coghlan

Carefully and with Style

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