Some of my life is pretty tragic. Women in my family have always stayed with the men that treated them like they belonged in hell. Women i’ve seen cry and beg for someone to stay in their lives when they just weren’t meant to be. I’ve seen my own kin bloody up sinks because a man made them feel down about themselves. I’ve seen how men or should I say boys make women change their perspective about not only other guys but herself. Force you into things you shouldn’t or want to do. It’s tragic what this world has come to. Boys going for girls who are good for their “ego” or what they want. When that’s not it that’s not love that’s just focusing on you and not the other person. Some girls cry because they weren’t treated how amazingly they should be. Women should be respected and so should men only in the right circumstances. You know who’s good for you and who isn’t so keep your mind open. Don’t fear for someone to break your heart because your love goes deep and someone will see that in you. They will come along and love you for who you are. You’re unique, you’re you.

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