Blog project #2 & #3

“These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder
Which, as they kiss, consume” — William Shakespeare

Format: A quote by William Shakespeare's infamous playwright Romeo & Juliet.

Audience: The audience is just that an audience of whomever interest brings them to watch or read this play.

Purpose: The purpose of this quote is to entice the danger of the star crossed love right in the middle of 2 families drama going awry

Effectiveness: The effectiveness depends on the person and how well they are with interpreting metaphors while watching or after reading the play. All metaphors need to be broken down and that proves its effectiveness. So lets start with the first line “These violent delights have violent ends”. Easily we can say “violent delights” refers to Romeo and Juliet running off, not to mention, falling in love and getting married would be truly magical except they have turmoil between their 2 specific families. And that makes it impossible not to have a “violent end.” Next line is, “ And in their triumph die, like fire & powder” Meaning the amount of hatred and relentless need for revenge between the families are as equal for death the same as fire and gun powder used to kill, even though back then the more handy weapon was a sword. And lastly, “Which as they kiss consume” sums up the comparison to the hopeless relationship Romeo & Juliet could only achieve and their horrible circumstances, only ending in death. This is extremely effective because it drills in the big picture in a intellectual and dramatic way.

Format: Picture

Audience: Friends, family, and fans

Purpose: To remember a moment, model, showcase her brand

Effectiveness: The picture i want to focus on is the one on the left. Its much more personal as apposed to the one on the right. The right one is obviously her happy and flawless self as usual. But her brand, as her career went on, was much bigger than people give her credit for. Her peers looked at her as an air head only capable of gold digger roles due to her extreme sexapeal. She is mainly known to be a blonde bombshell. She couldn't land the serious dramatic roles 80% of the time because of her ultimate sex symbol persona she created. Yet no one could resist her on film. Not to mention her charm she had to show her other side is pictures, interviews etc. Your brand never stops once your in the lime light, and she took advantage of that. Her brand was a sex symbol, and yes you could easily be jealous of her for that, but she flips it, so the vulnerability she releases in the left picture helps her reach out to and be more relateable. Men wanting her as their dreamgirl, and women finally respecting; not to mention wanting to be and know her. And that is much easier said then done especially with these circumstances. To me this is extremely underestimated yet effective.

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