The man who symbolized the worst of this world managed to bring out the worst in us

Fred Phelps, late as of Thursday, was the founder of the reviled Westboro Baptist Church, the organization that picketed the funerals of soldiers, railed against allowing LGBT members to serve in the military, said Elizabeth Taylor was going to be “cussed in hell”, and so on and so forth.

When news of his death broke, certain parties were glad to learn that a man who brought so much malice into this world had finally left it. But that joy manifested itself on social media in a way that was, frankly, Westboro-esque:

Now, people have been dancing on graves for as long as they’ve been digging them. There’s always that crazy octogenarian aunt at the funeral who has the gall to go around whispering to a few trusted confidants “I always thought she was a bitch,” while said bitch lies in a casket ten feet away. …


Kayla Epstein

Social Media Editor for National @WashingtonPost. Formerly of @GuardianUS. I like to write about politics, digital journalism, and the arts.

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