• Erika Alpern

    Erika Alpern

    CEO & Founder of Tactile. Previously VP of Marketing at The New Republic. Spent time at The Guardian and NewsCred. Ran an artist program for AOL. Made some art.

  • NY Working Families

    NY Working Families

    Working Families is NY’s progressive political party. Our vision: to build a New York state that is fair for all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected.

  • ddiamantaras


    Professional economist, amateur singer (bass), avid reader, computer programming perpetual newbie.

  • Paul Scott Jr

    Paul Scott Jr

    Human. Father. Veteran. Author.

  • Hannah RW

    Hannah RW

    Community coordinator, news, @Guardian. Brummie who dances, cycles, instagrams and journalises. Personal views here only.

  • Helen Crewe

    Helen Crewe

    Consultant, writer, trainer and research for women in criminal justice systems

  • Aftab Hossain

    Aftab Hossain

    Senior Creative Designer (https://goo.gl/VKLl6R)

  • Katherine Krueger

    Katherine Krueger

    Here, with you

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