The Easy Guide To Diaper Changes For New Born Mothers And The Must-Have Items

kayla garelik
Jun 9, 2018 · 2 min read

Every couple will love to hold their baby for the first time after 9 months of waiting. The first few minutes of holding the baby remain memorable. After some time, the parents are hit with the reality because soon, the baby will urinate on the diapers, and they have to be changed. If you have never changed the diapers in the past, you will have some problems doing it right. However, this is not something you need to learn at school. There are several items you need in the babies bag so that when changing, you have an easy time. Here is the easy guide to diaper changes for every new parent.

Before changing the diapers, there are essential items to have around. Get the portable changing pads or a location, the burp clothes that protect the clothing from messes, the creams to prevent the rashes and the wipes used to clean the bottom and to avoid irritation.

First, every person nursing the baby must make the exercise safe. Make sure you are near them if you are using the lighter surface or bed as some will move a lot. Place your bay on the firm surface. Take some wipes and be ready before removing the soiled diaper.

Take off the pant and if there are diaper contents, remove them. Clean this mess to prevent it spreading on the surface. If the baby has only urinated, take the wipe and clean the baby. You can then apply the creams. If soiled, use the clean part to remove the excrement as you unfold it under the baby. Take the wipe and clean from front to back. Check all creases and folds on the skin. When clean, use rash creams and put the clean diaper. Clean your hand with a sanitizer as the last stage. Take a look at this link for more information.

There are some handy gears to have to make the diaper changes a breeze today These gears vary but includes a good location or surface where to lays your baby, the cooperative jammies which are easy to unpack, swaddles that are perfect, the pacifier to keep the baby busy to prevent them moving on the surface, light for night duty, the diaper pail and the wipe Warner.

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