Psychological Principles You Should Utilize in Your Social Media Today

Using psychology to influence your social media marketing can give your business that extra edge it needs to get ahead of the game. These tricks include: social proofing, the mere exposure effect, reciprocity, creating connections, having choices, and sharing.

“If we assume that we aren’t affected by psychological tricks, then we won’t do anything to counteract them. And that only serves to make them more effective.”

Being able to influence people to like what everyone else has already expressed interest in in order to build on your follower count is the core element of social media marketing. This concept is known as social proofing. Social proofing is important to understand when trying to draw in a customer base that will repeatedly engage with your posts. Businesses that use popular and trendy social media apps such as Instagram or Twitter gain a lot of audience engagement.

Exposure is all about ads. Through the process of repetitive exposure, customers will subconsciously form a connection with a brand’s presence. This is why top-dog companies have ads everywhere! This simple, yet downright disregarded, concept is branded as the mere exposure effect.

The idea of reciprocity works hand-in-hand with the mere exposure effect. Businesses that use ads to promote themselves often pair the ad with a coupon of some sort. This makes people more eager to click on the ad, and will also influence them to send the ad to a friend. The ad doesn’t always have to be paired with a gift though. It can also be paired with a compliment or some other form of attention! This makes the customer feel more connected to the business.

Frequently sharing content on social media reflects well on your business profile and on your personal profile. Sharing content makes you look well informed, and enhances your image.

These are just some tips that will help amplify your customer base.

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