How to instantly up your photo game: Portraits

Kayla Thompson
Jan 29, 2018 · 2 min read

Portraits can be tricky for most photographers and it can be hard to find the perfect model, setting, and lighting for your photos. Luckily when you know the basic skills of photography and portraits, you won’t need all the formalities. Here is a list of the top 3 tips I have to up your photo game anywhere with anyone!

1. Shallow depth of field:

When you’re in a busy setting or even an open area, shallow depth of field can emphasize the importance of your model. This creates a very dramatic effect and pulls your viewers in as well. Instead of searching for a blank wall, just use this skill to take awesome pictures!

2. Keep your angles interesting

Portraits can get boring when taken strait on, but get interesting when you add cool angles. It’s not everyday that you see someone from high up or super low, so when you add these angles in it intrigues your audience.

3. Rule of thirds

When you’re going for a more serious and dramatic photo, centering your model is a good idea. But with other types of portraits, rule of thirds is the key. This skill directs your viewers attention from the center and to the rest of the photo. Since your viewer looks at your photos for under 10 seconds, you want to capture their attention as long as possible.

    Kayla Thompson

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    17. Photographer. Twitter:kaylagthompson

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