by Kayla-Jane Barrie

I desired to sleep in.
I bolted my eyes shut, but the slumber never succeeded.

I didn’t follow the call to pick up my phone to drench my mind in media.
I let my attention amble through whimsical daydreams.

I’m tired of watching life flutter by.

Clocking in an out, each minute into each hour.
There’s so much more out there, outside my blindfolded fate.

We get so stuck on structure and optimizing routine,
We forget to live.

Are we destined to check the boxes?
24/7/360 has choose our destiny.

I believe this is a lie.
A lie I’m finally defining my truth separate from.

Capitalism has put a price on our time,
I want a discount.

I want to be


Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash



Kayla-Jane Barrie

Kayla-Jane Barrie

I bring awareness to societal issues while sharing my life experience // poetry & reflective writing teacher + self-directed art rebel