NFC & RFID Microchip FAQ’S

Kayla J Heffernan
Jul 10, 2018 · 14 min read

“Oh, what’s your PhD on?”

Where is it?

“Webbing” and “Knife Edge” of the hand

How is it inserted?

Video of NFC Microchip Insertion in the standard webbing position
RFID microchip “knife edge” insertion
Video of the NFC / RFID Microchip Insertion outside of the body

Does it hurt?

How long does it take to heal?

Image of my hand healing after getting my first mircochip in May 2016
Image of my second microchip healing, November 2016. This position bruised far less

How big is it?

Microchip size comparisons

Where did you get it done?

Can you see it?

Image of my 2 microchips after healing
A more visible microchip

Can you feel it?

What if it breaks? Is it safe?

Why did you insert it?

What can you do with it?

Video of me opening my front door with the microchip
Opening office door

What can’t it do? What are the limitations?

What about tracking?

What if someone cuts off your hand? (Yes, this is a question we get asked!)

What happens if you move / get fired? Do you have to cut off your hand?

Can you take it out?

Does it go off at airports? How about X-rays or MRIs?

X-Ray of my microchips

What if “they” make us get microchipped?

Isn’t it the mark of the beast?

Something else?

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Kayla J Heffernan

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UX Design Lead. PhD’ing @ The University of Melbourne. Advocating for the voice of all users.

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