Yes, UX research is valid: How to handle assertions it’s not real research

Kayla J Heffernan
Jul 12 · 11 min read
Le sigh

Oh, the phrases you’ll hear!

“It’s only 5 / 10 / 12 people”

That’s not enough (it is)

“That’s an assumption/generalisation/are you sure?”

Are you sure?

“It’s just people’s opinions”

Yeah… well… you know… that’s just like… your opinion man

“But the say-do gap!”

I have done the research

“It’s all subjective anyway”

All the schrodinger’s cats

“But that’s not my experience”

Cool story

“I can’t make a decision based on this”

Oh, I can’t decide

“It’s not real /valid research”

It’s not real enough for you?

For argument’s sake, let’s get academic.


The bottom line

And one more thing…

Who are we


Thanks to Caylie Panuccio

Kayla J Heffernan

Written by

UX Design Lead. PhD’ing @ The University of Melbourne. Advocating for the voice of all users.

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