Redesigning the IA and content strategy around an experience for users of an online retailer.


With large retailers like Amazon breathing down their neck, smaller retailers have to make some changes to keep up! Your e-commerce retailer is looking to design a new version of their site.

My opportunity was to design should meet the goals of the users (represented by the 3 given personas), the goals of the retailer, and its existing brand. Your designs should be tested by users and follow IA heuristic best practices.

As I was provided with 3 Personas and 90 products specific to your retailer.

Choosing an additional 10 products, for a total of 100 products.

‣ Comparing the current Paragon site; and highlighting key elements of strengths and weaknesses.

Pencil sketching and ideation of design thought development and site maps

‣ summary and synthesis of methods, findings, and the design these activities lead to

‣ A coherent structure and narrative as opposed to simply responding to prompts one-by-one

‣ What went well?

I think a big part of what went well for me was being able to get the big picture

‣ What did I learn?

I think I really took a lot from this project in many different aspects. But this project really opened my eyes to putting myself in the perspective of the stakeholders- there current standpoint; of where their company is in the current moment, and where the company is looking to go; while still upholding and maintaining what it had been built from in the first place. I have been continuously trying to find my particular approach of understanding of the UX design process- as well as applying a heuristic analyses- as I express my research and thought processes through wire frames and sitemaps.

I was pretty pleased and satisfied by learning sketch — and applying my abilities to create a clickable prototype.

‣ What do I want to do differently next time?

I really want to work on turning my design aesthetics tremendously more minimal. I found myself getting distracted by busy space and not allowing the proper ‘white’ space portray through my design. This

‣ What still puzzles me? And, what is my plan to address this?


‣ Your Retrospective should include a supporting materials:

‣ Notes from user interview

‣ Sketches (rough and final)

‣ Photos of you (and your users) in action!

‣ Description of what you found most surprising.

‣ Explanation why was the project of interest / important

‣ What are the next steps that you would take / recommend that others take if this project


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