Week 1 Day 5: UXDI Project One Presentation Deliverables

Well, Most Importantly — Friday Started out with two dozen donuts. So Immediately was in the good gracious of a brutal design critique, no problem. I experienced the thrash of lovely endless design critiques in the fashion world- so anything seems a lot more like a piece of cake, or in this case- a piece of a donut. : )

Presentations- all day presentations of our first project showing incorporation of all the steps; brain dumps, topic maps, to flow charts- of the entire UX/ transitioning to UI developments. It was tremendously long day of presentations; but was broken up nicely throughout the day. I believe that feed back, and constructive criticism is the most important way, to grow learn prosper not only on the given project itself but the way of thinking- train of thought, and the way of designing.

Ending the day, we all spontaneously and so just magically came across a couple handles of grand beverages and twisted apple ciders- Tis the season. After a group bonding toast, and acknowledgment of together ness we walked a couple blocks and proceeded to continue into a group bonding happy hour. The take away of the day- was in a good spot all before the clock strikes 6:00pm. : ) To be continued…

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