Let’s have an agreement as we finally close this final chapter of ours’


I’ll forgive you, for not jumping in when we needed to

I’ll forgive you, for not learning how to swim when we needed to swam the vast ocean

I’ll forgive you, for being scared in jumping the cliff

for holding on to someone else when we needed to let go, together.

I’ll forgive you, for not taking the risk when that was the only choice left

I’ll forgive you, for giving in the temptations

I’ll forgive you,for not being bold enough to fight against all the odds

I’ll forgive you, for choosing the mansion over our little ‘kubo’

I’ll forgive you, for choosing the comfort over fixing our mess

I’ll forgive you ,for getting tired easily in our relationships

I’ll forgive you, for falling in love with someone else when we are still together

I’ll forgive you, for turning your back when I asked you to stay

I’ll for give you for everything.

But this time, forgive me.

Forgive me, If I knew how to swim even if you cant.

Forgive me, for not teaching you how to swim at the first place.

Forgive me, If I got so tired in fixing our drowning relationship.

Forgive me, If I swam away and save myself from the sinking ship of ours

Forgive me, If I was brave enough to jump the cliff even If you aren’t ready

Forgive me, for letting you hold on to someone else when you and I ,both know that I could have took you back

Forgive me, for not giving us a second chance

Forgive me, if I didn’t do my best to make you stay

Forgive me, If I got tired too. For not giving you a second chance to rebuild our fallen castle.

Forgive me, If second chance is the last thing I could give to you

Forgive me! Forgive me!

Because what you’ve done was not a mistake. Loving her while we’re still together was not a mistake. She was not mistake. She was your choice.

But now, forgive me! if this time my choice is not you.

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