WHO AM I? the question still lingers in the back of my mind. I am trying figure out the question. WHO. AM. I? I am a simply girl. A 15 years old teenager trying to hold in a tiny rope called ‘HOPE’. WHO AM I? I am a happy kid. The kind kid. The ‘ good one’. WHO AM I? i guess my former answers still cant answer the question. Who am i? I am the happy kid. Someone who goes with the flow. A happy kid. Contented with the world. A Happy Kid. Happy. Happy kid. Am i?and now i’m confused.

WHO AM I? i still couldn't find the right words to describe myself. So, I looked to myself in the mirror. And looked straight in to my eye, to my soul. And I saw a kid. A crying kid.

WHO AM I? I am a broken kid, yearning to be perfect again. I am a mess in this perfect world, no one wants to clean me. I am a trash, nobody would dare to pick. I am an old model T.V, everyone wants the LED TV now. I am your old toy in your attic. An old old toy, you once loved but then, you’re too old to play now. I am your favorite dress, but your brought newer one and figured out I wasn't your most favorite. I am your broken phone. You want me fixed but you realized, buying new one is better. So, you dumped me anywhere. I am a mess, too broken to be fixed . So WHO AM I? if you’re going to think about it, I AM JUST NO ONE.

But I dont intend to be like that forever.I am not just no one. Or a mess, or just a wasted colors. I am a MASTERPIECE. A wonderful mess, to sacred to be touched. I am the shouting colors in your abstract painting , nobody could understand but everybody admires it. I am not just anything. I am more than nothing, I am everything. I am the stars in the sky. I am the universe , too broad, too wide, to beautiful to be judged ugly. I am the Sea, the undiscovered part, too mysterious, too deep to be said shallow. I am more than everything you see. How about you? WHO ARE YOU?

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