Holiday Snaps

A photo journal of Sapporo, Enoshima, Kyoto, Gero, and Tokyo.

My boyfriend and I took our first overseas holiday together earlier this year and I’ve finally gone through 1,000+ RAW files to pick out a few favourites.

We happened across this lake in the middle of Sapporo which had row boat hire for 600 yen. The old man who ran the little shack told me I was much better at rowing than Will. It was a surprisingly fun and romantic 45 minute experience that left us on a high for the rest of the day.

There’s an observatory in the JR tower above Sapporo Station with a 360 degree view of the city, it much larger than we expected. It also has this amazing gem:

The top of Mt Moiwa also offers an amazing view of the city and it’s a worthwhile trip. We were here during late April/early May and it was 8 degrees Celsius, while the rest of the country was closer to 30.

We took the Shinkansen to Enoshima, just south of Tokyo for a day break on our way to Kyoto. Approaching the island via the bridge feels like walking towards Ghibli’s Spirited Away, with bath houses hanging over the cliffs.

Our stay in Kyoto overlapped with Golden Week, and Kiyomizudera was under construction. Luckily we’ve both been here several times before so we didn’t feel like we missed out, but the night photography was fun.

After Kyoto we travelled to Gero in Gifu Prefecture. We splashed out on a ryokan with private onsens and it was SO worth the price. This was the view from our room. The streets of Gero are lined with public foot spas, street food, and beautiful scenery.

We finished up in Tokyo, ready to go home. We’re both a little spoiled in that this is not even close to our first trip to Japan, so Tokyo was a little meh to us. The real excitement was in Sapporo and Gero, where neither of us had been before.

I also just got my film developed but am yet to get around to scanning it. Look out for that soon.

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