How I Became A Top Writer In ‘Business’

Short answer: who knows.

Long answer: I joined Medium in January of 2017 and wrote two posts in the first month. Actually I didn’t even write them then, they were old articles I’d submitted to various websites online and I had just decided to start using Medium as a portfolio so I didn’t have to keep saving links to my bookmarks.

In February, I wrote one post Hire A Linguist To Do Your Marketing because I worked in marketing and had a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics. It was two subjects that was interesting to me, and I enjoyed reading pop culture articles about linguistics.

This article took off, was widely spread within the linguistics community and was shared on a few click baity websites too.

I gained a few followers and had a motivational boost, but didn’t know how to follow up or hold on to any of that success.

My next few posts were either about things I had been working on or articles that had been rejected from publications not on Medium. I also started submitting more and more to both on Medium and their website.

In April I tried to launch a publication of my own, Serious about Series, which was when the Series function of Medium was launched and I was frustrated about how to find new Series to follow. This was more of a literary endeavour and didn’t really take off despite initial support.

Then I started writing again about business. First with another pop culture series, Startup Lessons from The Simpsons (part 1 and part 2) then back to writing about marketing with How To Write A PR Pitch and Exchanging Propaganda Equally.

I also did a few personal stories and other bits and pieces. As you can see, I don’t really have great stats. My most recent piece has 44 views and 27 reads. Most of my views come from me posting links to my Medium stories in Facebook groups, I don’t really get many people coming from Medium itself.

Somehow, I was named a top writer in the Business tag. Right now I’m #47. I got as high as #40 at one point. I have no idea how. Yeah, I tag my stories with #business but I’m not that consistent, I get hardly any reads/views and almost no ‘claps’.

I make my boyfriend clap all my stories to try and get a bit of traction.

I also have 1.3k followers, but I’m pretty sure 90% of them are fake accounts. I got most of them after writing How To Write A PR Pitch and Branding Is More Than Just Your Logo which is currently my most highly clapped story despite not having that many views.

I haven’t logged in to Medium in a week because I’ve been away, yet I somehow gained 100 followers in the past 7 days.

So how did I become a top contributor to Business? I don’t know, I was hoping you could tell me.