Reading Response #2: Weird Dude Energy
Chris Turner

I think you bring up a really interesting question when you stated, “ Is it somewhere where we have run out of ways to use testosterone, so we use it in forms of “Weird Dude Energy”?” For two main reasons — it’s interesting that you used the term “use” when describing how testosterone functions in our larger society and in “Weird Dude Energy,” and because it brings up the question of whether or not we are in some masculine crisis right now, where we’re losing this type of male that once was a paragon of masculine expression for something more clean-cut. Your response really looks at the humor and light-side of why “Weird Dude Energy” is so popular because it is in part this parody of that “The Dude” figure and provides a space for the humor that makes Tumblr so enjoyable for people, especially the ones that visit this blog.

But, I think, another side of this “Weird Dude Energy” and “Testosterone Abyss” is the question of — Is Weird Dude Energy a necessary part of our lives? Will it always be there and never go away as you said? Is there something darker underlying in this “Dude” character? It’s the type of immaturity on the internet that’s reminiscent to many internet users, and women, in particular, but it’s humor that isn’t always the kindest on the internet. Weird Dude Energy may be funny, but it also kind of represents a weirdness that many women have become used to and wary of. So much so, that WDE, the Tumblr, makes fun of these men in a space where its actually safe to. It’s the parody aspect of Weird Dude Energy that makes it so interesting and partly startling because this is probably the reality for so many men, especially the ones we never see from behind their computer screens.

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