To my biological father

Hi Brad, I’m sure you’ll come across this one day, maybe not anytime soon but who knows, you don’t speak to me so I don’t know your schedule. I’m still to this day, at 19 years old confused on what type of person you are, I don’t want to ask what type of man you are because men don’t do the things you’ve done. Now I get it you had a hard life, but it’s because YOU made it hard, you chose your path in life, just like I chose mine and just like President Donald Trump chose his. Yours just so happens to be a very bumpy path. Now I get it you were like 18 when you decided to have unprotected sex with my mom, knowing what can happen because I know they had sex ed when you were younger. My question is, if you knew that you didn’t want a child why did you have sex with her. And then leave when she told you she was carrying your child? Now if you didn’t want to be with her, fine, but why couldn’t you be a MAN and try and be a father of some sort? I never got a Happy Birthday from you, never a “good job kiddo” for getting good grades, I was never picked up by you when I got hurt, I was never held by you, ever. You didn’t even want to sign my birth certificate, my mom put your name on it which I guess was a waste of her time, huh? Yu never changed a dirty diaper of mine, never fed me, never tucked me in at night, never checked my room for monsters, never out me on the bus for school, never sat down at the dinner table and enjoyed a meal with me. What I got from you was seeing you once, at 16 and you walking out 5 minutes later never saying anything to me ever again. What was the point of even toying with my emotions? Why woul d you even agree to see me if you knew that would be the only time? I have brothers and sisters I never met and have no idea what their names are even because even as you got older, you were still an immature boy at heart, and I’m sure you still are. You couldn’t even help support the woman you got pregnant with $50 in child support.

Drugs took over your life, heroin the cruelest of them all is what had you by the throat. When you gave up your rights for me, I remember you looking like a skeleton, probably from you detoxing in prison, but I’m not sure how that works, I just know you were hooked on it, and I’m almost positive in jail they won’t give you a needle. When you gave up your rights you didn’t say my name once, just “the child”. If my mother gave me your last name I think id honestly pay to get it changed when I got older, you don’t deserve for me to have your last name, you never did anything for me, so what would be the point? You weren’t a parent to me, you weren’t anything to me, ever, you gave me life, and I guess I can thank you for that, because without you I wouldn’t exist, I wouldn’t have done great things with my life, I wouldn’t have met the man I want to marry some day and I wouldn’t be carrying his child right now. So, thank you, for being a sperm donor, I appreciate it. And that’s about all I can appreciate you for.