The Contemporary Christian: Faith and Vacation

My mom has a ranch that I visit once or twice a year when I have breaks between semesters. We have chickens, goats, sheep, horses, a cat, a dog, and a cow. They’re all amazing animals and really fun to be around. There’s also a lot of work to do, such as repairing walls, feeding the animals, cleaning stalls, etc. But, there is also plenty of lounge around time to not worry about the long to do lists.

Vacations can be great to relieve some stress. Due to this, however, vacations can also be a killer of faith. When things are going well it’s sometimes harder to thank the Lord for the day, or to even acknowledge that this relaxing goodness because of Him. We can become to focused on the things in the moment and forget to take a step back and appreciate it all with thankfulness in out hearts.

I’ve only been here for two days now, and already I’ve been less active in my walk with the Lord, Jesus Christ. Falling into the habits of my family around me. I used to pray before every meal, and I haven’t for two days. I used to sing or hum more worship songs to myself, but even those have been few. It’s difficult to be an example of faith when you’re surrounded by family, especially when they don’t display as strong of a faith as yourself.

Vacation is great, but if it’s at the cost of falling back into old habits of non-faith, then I’d rather stay a busy bee! However, as we all know, staying busy for a long length of time causes one to burn out. Thus, vacation is much needed. So, the solution? Just putting in a more active effort to set a good example, even if it’s weird at first.

What’s funny is I didn’t realize that the active practice of my faith was slipping until I watched one of the chicken eggs hatch. This little chick broke free from its egg and entered the world ready to tackle anything, and I immediately thanked the Lord for the strength of that little bird. It was then, after a sigh of relief that it made it out of the shell, that I realized I hadn’t been thanking God for the relaxing time I’ve been having here with my family.

“For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer.”
 — 1 Timothy 4:4–5

So, just a reminder to all to continue communication with the Lord during both good, bad, busy, and relaxing times.

See you all next week!

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