B1 and B2 Intermediate Level Spanish Course

If you have learnt basic Spanish and now want to extend your learning base. Go for the B1 and B2 course by taking admission in the institute providing high quality Spanish Classes in Kolkata by well trained teachers or native speakers. Read on to know how these courses can help you.

B1 or intermediate

A B1 learner will develop the ability to recognize the key points of clearly-written, well-organized and standard language, provided that the phrase is allied to things common to him/her, like school-related topics, working areas matters, leisure activities or others.

B1 course content includes reading comprehension, written expression and interactive activities with more focus to make student develop the good communicative skills. Listen comprehension and oral expressions are also given the more attention.

The expert teaches students how to communicate in the bulk of circumstances that may surface throughout the course of a tour all through the areas where Spanish is spoken. The students will be able to create the simple, logical, and coherent content on known topics or the matters in which they have a keen interest. At the end of course, a learner will come out with the ability to easily tell the desires, share experiences, describe hopes, events, and what he/she feels, their perspective and plans.

This course provides a learner with the adequate linguistic ability in order to understand and give the response in an appropriate way in everyday situations. A person can easily express their wish, expectations and needs in an understandable way.

B2 or upper intermediate

This upper intermediate course is a just one step above B1 providing student with the sufficient linguistic ability to interact effectively and fluently in basic day-to-day situations. You would not require spend your time or put pressure in your mind to search the most appropriate expression. You can communicate in normal situations, which do not need specialized use of the Spanish.

The B2 course content includes adverbs, story to read, future tenses, imperative & imperative negative, condition simple & perfect, present subjunctive & present perfect subjunctive, verbs used with prepositions and more depending on the institute providing Spanish Classes in Kolkata (online or traditional).

A B2 level student develops the ability to identify the key ideas of complex texts related to abstract as well as concrete subjects such technical texts, as long as the expressions are relevant to the aspect of learner’s knowledge. This course certifies a learner with the linguistic ability to understand the key areas of oral as well as written text.

After completing the upper intermediate Spanish course, an individual can converse with native speakers with an adequate level of confidence, fluency, spontaneity, and clearness in order to make the communication session meaningful and understandable. Both the parties can communicate easily without making an extra effort in searching for the right expression. One can create detailed and understandable content on various matters and presenting their views on common-interest topics explaining the advantages and disadvantages of various options clearly.

You can attend the classes for any of these courses depending on your specific needs. If you really want to learn Spanish, start learning process today.