My Favorite [little] Bookstagrams

Book lovers don’t just love reading — we also just love to look at books.

Our TBR Lists are long enough to circle the globe, but we keep looking at books anyway. Since bookstores close, here are several of my favorite, lesser-known Bookstagram accounts! Each of these hidden gems has fewer than 550 followers, so go show them some love.


Do you follow us on Instagram? There are frequent Riley sightings and hints about what’s coming to the blog next.


This account is exactly what it sounds like. Cute cats guarding their books. #purr Look for Riley to show up there in the future!


The three readers behind @coffeebooksters show a lot of great YA recommendations. Their pictures are always fun to see!


Stephanie’s recommendations are always spot-on for me! She likes the classics, mysteries, and new YA releases. Her pictures are always beautiful, as well!


Katrina takes most of her photos outside and creates a breathtaking backdrop from nature. I aways love to see her photos come through my feed.


Nya is making 2017 the year she rediscovers her love for reading. She’s documenting it with us on @mybookishyear with spectacular photos.


Lauren’s IG profile isn’t strictly books, but since I love all three things she covers, I thought I’d include it.The kitties are adorable, she has good taste in books, and her food pics make me hungry. What else do you expect?


Joy’s feminine bookstagrams are #goals! The soft lighting and floral pieces add a touch of elegance that draws in your attention.


I love when Emma’s pictures show up in my feed. She has excellent YA recommendations, and her photos are awesome!

What’s your favorite bookstagram account? Do you know of any hidden gems we haven’t found yet?