Dear Future Husband, Day 91

Dear Future Husband,

Yesterday I was extremely busy, running around, cleaning, finishing up homework assignments, and trying to get everything done before women’s group. But, yesterday in the midst of me running around all crazy I thought of you. I don’t know who you are yet, but I’ve been praying for you.

Yesterday was three months to the day that I decided I was not going to date anyone for a year. To be honest, three months in I’m already laughing at myself because it was so easy to choose not to date anyone when I was sad and heartbroken. My thoughts these last few days have been nothing but you.

I’m so eager to meet you, to give an actual name to your title would be great! I’ve prayed and asked for it, but the Lord just tells me to be patient. Being patient is surely a struggle for me! But, the best comfort to impatience is to know that God’s timing truly is perfect.

I really look forward meeting you or maybe we have already met and we just don’t know it yet! These past three months, I have felt really lonely. I’ve even doubted if you would ever enter into my life. I’ve even thought that what if you do and you leave too?

But, I know that if that were true, you wouldn’t be my future husband. God has really shown me His love for me and He is setting the bar really high for you. I’ve been praying for the relationships that we may have leading up to when we will meet each other, for our future relationship, and for our future marriage.

I pray that she doesn’t completely break your heart and you guard it. I pray that you get over her and seek God’s plans for you. I pray you get your healing from Him and not something else from the secular world. I pray that your friends be there for you and remind you that God’s plan is better.

I pray that the Lord helps me guard my heart. I pray that I continue to seek God’s will for my life and have patience. I pray that I learn to be satisfied by His love alone. I pray that I continue to seek Him in my trials. I pray that when he brings you along I let you lead the relationship.

I pray that our relationship will be pure. I pray that we will chase the Lord together. I pray that we motivate each other. I pray that we can serve together. I pray that we resolve all the arguments we have. I pray that we have more highs than lows. I pray we desire to love like 1 Corinthians 13:4–8 and that verse be our motto in how we love each other.

I pray for our future marriage and that we never give up on each other. I pray that you don’t ever feel like you’re settling for me. I pray that we do our best to love each other in a way that reflects the way that God loves us. I pray that you will forgive me for all the times I’m going to act crazy, or get upset over tiny disagreements, or if I fight with you about cupcakes (you’ll probably understand this). I pray you will forgive me for not being patient enough to wait for you.

I pray you don’t feel lonely and that you know I’m here, somewhere. We just haven’t met yet!


Your Future Wife