My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

As a Native American half breed, I can understand the hurt, rejection and classifications put on others. I am a poor Conservative who does not judge, but observes. I have a few black friends. The one thing black people fail to see is that white people get harassed twice as much as black people do. Black people think they are the only ones to have injustice. When we tell our friends how much we’ve been harassed, their reaction is always “that happened to you? But you’re white. That stuff don’t happen to white people.” Yes it does. Black people aren’t the only ones to struggle…by far. For instance, if I ask you who the first slaves were in this country, who the first repressed people were, would you say black people? I would beg to differ. Because the Native Americans were the first. The first oppressed. The first butchered. The first raped. The first degraded. The first slaves. The first hugely massacred. The first to be taken advantage of. The difference between the indians and the blacks is that the indians don’t hold a grudge and let the past dictate who they are today. We don’t still think the white man owes us for the travesties of our ancestors. When God said forgive. We forgave. Holding onto the past never helped anyone. I give everyone a fare shot to prove their individual character. It’s not the fault of the white man that the character of a lot of black men, quite frankly, sucks. They have been taught by black men, not white men. Character is the responsibility of each individual. Each individual is responsible for their own actions, thoughts, and words. When the black man stops playing the victim and stops the hate toward the white man, then and only then, will every other race stop judging the black man as a whole. When more black men show better character, than more black that show ignorance, then other races will see them through a better light. When a man kneels to pray and asks God to change everything around him but himself, then there will always be a wrong attitude. Because people need to pray and ask God to change their own heart, not others. When you see though another’s eyes, then maybe you can learn something about yourself. God doesn’t see the color of your skin. God sees the intentions of your heart. Therefore I am blind to color, because I try to be like Jesus. If all races lived like God, there would be no dispute. If you are following the same Jesus, there should be no hatred towards others at all, no matter the color, the sex, or the religion. It’s hard to put a stop to when “men of God” promote hateful thought right in church. How many black churches teach that Jesus was black man that was killed by white men? My bible says that Jesus was killed by His own. How is the white man able to overcome the stereotype when it’s drilled into black men that white people are evil? When there’s something wrong, all it takes is to look into your own heart, because that’s probably where the change needs to be.