Glacier Brewhouse Exceeds High Expectations

Imagine yourself in a warm and cozy restaurant. The flavors of every dish you taste is impeccable, the service is fantastic, and you run into your good friends from high school while dining. This, is The Glacier Brewhouse. The Glacier Brewhouse is a popular restaurant and brewery for Anchorage locals and tourists with its downtown location. The food, atmosphere, and service never disappoints. Though the food and beer is a bit expensive, the Brewhouse is worth it.

The whole night was a wonderful experience. The staff was cheerful, my waiter, Mark was knowledgable and friendly, and the food was delicious. I ordered the smoked hominy and fig salad and I was in heaven. The Alaskan grown spinach and arugula tossed in a citrus-fig vinaigrette had a crisp, sweet flavor, and the hominy and figs added a delectable crunch to the dish.

Though I am underaged, my parents ordered locally crafted beer and were raving about their half raspberry wheat, half hefeweizen the entire night. My father who ordered the fettuccine jambalaya scarfed the dish down in no time, and my mother ordered her usual go-to- the salmon BLT.

The salmon BLT was abundant in thick, peppered bacon, smoked Alaskan caught King salmon, and juicy, sweet Alaskan grown tomatoes, which was all served in between alder-grilled artesian bread. The fettuccine jambalaya included pan-seared chicken, smoked sausage, crisp shrimp, and spicy mamou sauce that lay on a bed of perfectly cooked fettuccine.

The Glacier Brewhouse is known for their Alaskan caught seafood, roasted meats, and handcrafted ales. It is, “where Alaskans meet Alaskans,” according to our waiter. He could not be more correct, as I ran into two of my good friends from high school who were working. They later brought out a peanut butter pie free of charge for dessert. This was the icing on the cake, so to speak, to a wonderful night.

The chocolate cookie crust, creamy peanut butter filling, Guittard chocolate ganache, and chocolate sauce was as tasty as it was visually appealing.

Peanut butter pie at the Glacier Brewhouse

As I mentioned earlier, the prices are a bit steep. My salad was $14, and I ordered one of the more reasonable menu items. If money is not an issue, I suggest you try the pound of Bering Sea king crab legs, the alder wood-grilled ribeye, or the Alaskan alder grilled sockeye salmon.

The Glacier Brewhouse is not only a restaurant to try locally grown food and ales, but a place to catch up with friends around you. Just like other popular restaurants in Anchorage, you are bound to find someone you know every time you visit.

It is without a doubt that I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. If you enjoy fantastic service, amazing food, and a warm, inviting environment, the Glacier Brewhouse is the place for you.

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