Owner Reunites With Dog After Falling in Matanuska River

Against all odds, a yellow labrador retriever swept away by the Matanuska River reunited with owner Alex Sargent after a two-week separation.

According to Sargent, Kodiak was standing on the river bank and was swept away once the bank collapsed. Kodiak showed up off the Old Glenn highway two weeks later and was brought into Highland Animal Clinic in South Anchorage. The clinic checked for a microchip that confirmed the dog to be Kodiak.

The chip had a unique identification number that was implanted underneath the dog’s skin.

Kodiak is nearly blind and was running into walls while recovering at the clinic. “He came in a week ago and was pretty banged up and emaciated, but he’s been cooperative and a pleasure to work with,” said Laura Noel, associate veterinarian.

The dog had several injuries after the unfortunate turn of events. Kodiak’s injuries included wounds on both hind legs and multiple infections. Noel believes that the dog got stuck in the river and scraped his skin trying to get out. The clinic treated his wounds which are “healing nicely,” says Noel. Kodiak lost 20 pounds while living in the wilderness.

Sargent was able to pick Kodiak up from the clinic on Wednesday night. Annette Blair found Kodiak. Blair says she was getting ready for work when she saw a dog and could tell he was in trouble. She and her husband scooped Kodiak up, returned home, and started searching for his owner.

Half an hour later, Blair found Alex. “It was truly amazing,” Blair states.

Alex told Annette to take Kodiak to Highland, his regular vet. Alex landed in Anchorage Wednesday and filmed the reunion with her twelve-year-old dog on her phone. She calls Kodiak, “our little hero and our big inspiration.”

The fact that a twelve-year-old blind dog can survive in the wilderness for two weeks after losing over 20 pounds is near incredible. With all of the fatal news stories happening locally and around the world, this adorable, furry reunion with a dog and his owner is sure to make an Alaskan’s day just a little bit brighter.