4th weekend

This weekend was a 3 day weekend, so ofcourse we had to do as much as possible! By far these were my absolute *favorite* adventures. Julien had his gopro, so hopefully we can download that foottage soon!!

Saturday, we began our weekend. Headed west to camp, we made a side trip to the mermaid caves we’ve been meaning to go to. We went to Nanakuli beach and walked around to the rocky part and started seeing some caves. The first caves we saw had too strong of currents entering them for us to go into. However, we kept walking and found one with people, but not too crowded, which was very nice. It was so crazy because you literally climbed down the holes into the cave that led to the ocean. We jumped straight into the water and could touch the floor with our feet so we held onto the rocky roof when waves would come in. There was a little shore area that had a bunch of coral washed up on it. I liked to sit there and let the waves crash onto me, while other people were in there swimming around. There had to be about 15 people and still tons of space, so it was a decent size cave. Unfortunately, no mermaids were spotted, but it was still an unforgettable stop.

After the caves, we were in search of some shave ice, but couldn’t find any close by so we settled with our fav 7/11 milkshakes. I went to my go to, reeses peanut butter cup, no suprise.

We then found our way to Makua Beach which was close to Ka’ena Point, where I was last weekend. The 4 of us set up our 10 person tent and got settled in. I think it would only be considered a 10 person tent if you REALLY like each other, but we all had our little space for ourselves which worked out perfect. Through the night there was a bonfire, music, cool lights, and great people. It was such a nice area, right in between the ocean and the valley. We were also in the perfect spot to see part of the Milky Way. Laying on the beach watching the stars …. does NOT get much better than that.

The next morning, got very interesting …

We woke up to never ending rain. Trying to wait it out, we only ended up sitting in a collapsed tent as the trade winds took over. Just picture us four in the rain, all our stuff getting drenched, trying to figure out our next move. Somehow the tent was put back into the bag and we started taking trips to the car with our stuff, soaking wet. Everything was wet and gross and sandy and so stinkin sad that it was funny. To end our adventure in the rain, i dropped my pillow in the muddy road. Could not have wished for a more perfect ending … especially when the rain completly stopped after we were driving back home.

I came home and passed out, got up for dinner, and didn’t get out of bed until 1 pm on the 4th. That afternoon I went with Julien and Ilja to Ala Moana beach park, which is typically full of a more local crowd. We sun bathed for a little bit and met with some of their coworkers. Then we moved to a spot on the sand to watch the fireworks show. It was so beautiful over the ocean. My new favorite firework was one that shot off multiple lights that looked liked falling stars over the ocean and lighting up the whole sky. We finished the night with some ramen, and I ate all of it with chopsticks!!! We missed Cecilia as she is in Kauai, but I am very thankful to have friends to enjoy the holidays with as we are all away from our families.

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