Enoshima Island

Here on my internship I work 4 day weeks, giving me 3 day weekends. Friday I took a much needed lazy day, resting and watching movies all day. I found the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and I strongly recommend it to everyone to watch. Besides bumming, I was a little productive and went to the store to buy fruit, which is already almost gone from my snacking.

Moving on to Saturday, I took the day into my hands and caught a 1.5 hour train to explore Enoshima Island. This is an island you can reach by a walking bridge. The bridge was right around the corner from the station exit, making my life a lot easier.

Before I move onto my adventures, here’s some pictures from the outskirts of the island. It is crazy, YES, that’s the whole island and I got to walk the whole thing! Technically you could drive to the island, but parking is limited and why not walk while in such a beautiful place!!

Originally, I made a list of the sights I wanted to see and was planning to figure out the order as I arrived to the island. As I crossed the bridge, I followed the flow of the island and ended up seeing everything, about 5 miles of exploring.

Right off the bridge were tons of little shops. I am used to all the souvenirs and such from living Hawaii, but seeing them in another country was really cool. There were all sorts of jewelry and hanging shells, along with beach clothes, a first for me to see here in Japan(since the fashion is so trendy, I hadn’t seen cozy, beach going clothes ((my style). Shortly after the shops were SO. MANY. STEPS. leading to the first of a couple temples/shrines. As you follow the stairs you eventually will reach the next sight.

The path next took me to the Samuel Cocking Garden which led to the Enoshima Sea Candle, a observation lighthouse. For Y500 you could enjoy the garden and then get a view of the island and mainland Japan. On a clear day you can even see Mt. Fuji, unfortunately it was not a clear day in the mauka :( The stairs are deceiving, you could take an elevator up!

My last excursion was the Iwaya Caves, my favorite find of the day. It was right off the coast and reminded me of China Walls in Hawaii, one of my favorite spots. I sat down and ate my watermelon and people watched for a little break before exploring the caves. The caves had interesting statues inside, I couldn’t believe they were real. A very neat experience to be right next to the ocean and see history.

Lastly, I checked out the beach before going back home. The sand was black and the beach was a lot cleaner than the beach I encountered the other day. The sand was so hot I had to keep my slippers on because it literally burned my feet!!

I have been so busy here and seeing lots, so I am trying to catch up on posting, but not letting it take up too much time!!