II. Week 1 ✔️

I have officially been in Honolulu a week now, and 3 days on my own. You could say I’m getting settled in & finding my way around. Today, was by far my best day yet, so here it goes -

I started my day early, about 9 am, after my first cup of coffee from my new machine. I walked the 2.5 miles to the beach( …. It’s not as bad as it sounds) I lounged around and swam in the ocean. Getting hot and tired in the sun, I ate my snack in the shade and people watched. Then I walked the pier and headed home a little after 12 pm.
When I got home I looked up hikes nearby & packed my bag. Wa’ahila trail is where I was headed. I caught the bus and made my way up the trail, even through some passing showers. Through the slippery mud and all — I made it!!
Now, all I had to do was catch the bus back home. I got on the first bus, 14, then got off and waited for 13. Not paying attention, 2 hours later I learned there’s two different routes for 13…. Let’s just say I have a really, really, realllly good lay of the land now. I ended up getting off the bus before it went backwards on the cycle and walking home. I couldn’t complain as a full rainbow stretching from Waikiki to the Valley was guiding my walk home.
Now, 830 pm, I am still up thanks to my coffee this morning. Still adjusting to Hawaii time, I’ve been asleep by this time the last week. I’ll still probably be ready for bed very soon after I am done with some chores.

One more thing — I got to FaceTime my family & O’Henry today — highlight of my day!! 💙