E Komo Mai!!! Welcome to Maui!!!

Finally we were here, after having to postpone our trip from tropical storm Darby. Upon our arrival we had trouble getting our car immediately so we walked to a Mexican restaurant and I got my first enchilada in months. We then grabbed some lattes from Starbucks and relaxed until we could get our rental car. We headed straight to our hostel in Wailuku, a SUPER cute small town in our SUPER cute blue car.

After settling in we got an idea of what we wanted to do for the weekend, bringing us into Saturday morning. I was up wayyyyy early out of excitement. By the time the boys woke up I was about 2 coffees in. I sat on the patio and watched the sunrise in the cool morning air. I started making the free hostel pancakes in perfect time for when the boys woke up. We ate on the patio and changed for the day. Then we were off to the Southwest part of the island, Napili Coast.

Two years ago I stayed up near Napili with my family. It was so refreshing being back up here. I even recognized a lot of places. Once we hit our starting point, we went snorkeling at my favorite place called Honokowai Bay. Here there are the biggest sea turtles I’ve ever seen. Since we were up pretty early a lot of them were still sleeping at the ocean floor, but would come up for air occasionally. Swimming with these creatures is so unreal because on the inside you’re freaking out, but they probably don’t even care as long as you give them space.

We snorkeled for about an hour and then went next door to Napili Kai Beach Resort to beach and relax a few hours. We laid under a small palm tree and I found some neat shells.

Wanting to move on with the day, we made our way into Lahaina town. This town is full of small shops and food while right on the beach. We looked at a hammock shop, I got a new life is good shirt, and we grabbed lunch at Cheeseburger. And of course, we couldn’t pass up gelato over the ocean!! I got macadamia nut and coconut flavor.

Here is a Banyan Tree( it’s all the same tree ). I’m pretty sure it’s on of the biggest ones there is. There are lots of art shows and pop up shops under the tree. Last time I was here I met some great people under the tree.

We then drove Darby, our car name in honor of the storm, and we’re gonna stop as we wanted. We came across a beach right off the highway. While the boys snorkeled I just hung around and climbed this cool tree. It ended up being the perfect time to stay out because it was right when Frank dropped his new album. This was such a happy moment.

Continuing on our drive we were now on the Southern most point of the island. Passing by a sign, Ilja spotted a black sand beach. This ended up being a golden spot!! There was only about 5 other people on the beach. We played in the water and ran around for a little bit.

Walking back to the car we came across a side trail that reminded of Lahilahi on the West side here. So, why not take it??

Late evening we now were headed to a sunset spot. This was the best beach ever mostly because there were about 20 dogs all running around and playing. I felt like I was in heaven. I just needed my babies here with me!!

Part II

This is one case that the 3 am alarm wasn’t an accident. Yes, we actually planned (& accomplished) waking up at 3 so we could eat and head to Haleakala Summit. Running on some crappy gas station coffee and an apple we were out there survivin. It was a long and curved road all the way up to the parking lot. We reached the top about 5:30 am. We waited in the car to go outside as it was 42* out…. In Hawaii!!!! Ilja & I headed to the very top of the summit and set up for pictures. The pretty view made us forget the freezing cold. This was an unforgettable experience. We were above the clouds.

Sunrise: 5:59 am

& straight to bed right??? NOPEEE, not when you’re in Maui. We headed to Paia, a small town before getting on the winding Road to Hana. We ate at a saloon where I got a ginormous vegetable omelette, well done potatoes, toast & rice. I ate every last bite dude. Then we set off for Hana, no planned stops, just going as we wanted.

Our first stop was a bamboo forest. We crossed a stream and walked through the forest a bit, but not for long as we had no idea where it went to.

The rest of the day consisted of multiple waterfall stops.

The first waterfall was a decent size and flowed into a big pool. Ilja and I jumped off a small rock at first and then continued to step it up. After checking the depth of the pool we knew we’d be okay to jump from the top of the waterfall, so that’s what we did! Julien & I watched Ilja jump right in and went straight after him. It was such an adrenaline rush, but so much fun!!

This next waterfall we didn’t get to actually swim in. Along with about 5 other cars we were parked in a spot we probably shouldn’t have been, but we just wanted to take a quick look. It was an extremelllly quick look as a cop came driving by and everyone booked it to move their cars. It was a great view!!

The next waterfall was tucked away on the side of the road, where no one else was. We decided to climb down and back to the falls. The was also a little tide pool right next door.

Our last stop was looking at a small falls off the highway. As we went back the trail, the waterfall just continued on & on. We tried to loop around, butttt the trail ended so instead of turning around we went through the waterfall, technology & all.

Maui, I la la la love you!!

Until next time


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