Oh Sundays, how perfect you are for sleeping in bed all day, maybe, just maybe, knocking things off the “to do” list. Great you are for that, sometimes it’s fun to change up the pace.

Kyle, JP and I headed to Maunawili around noon. We parked in the residential and started at the trail head. The trail led back into the valley, which was suprising for me. I always imagined this spot to be a quick walk off a side road to the falls, but nopeeee, it was a muddy, wet, rainy, long hike.

Jumping in the mud and trekking on, we were brought to some great views of windward side.

Then we were brought to MORE MUD. As you can tell, we were totally caked in mud.

Luckily the trail was mostly along a stream so we could rinse off every once in a while.

Right before making it to the falls we found a bamboo Forrest. This had some trail on it, but we have no idea where it went, so we stuck to following the stream which quickly brought us to the falls.

When we first got to our destination there were multiple groups of people. Some were swimming, watching, hanging out, while some were jumping into the pool. Now, when I thought of jumping into the falls I thought it would just be the short 5–7 foot drop right by the fall. However, there were people jumping from 30–50 feet. After seeing warning signs and basically a death count for the high jumps, there was no way we were jumping from up there. We just watched the crazies do it and cringe at the sound of the smacked bodies when they met the water.

After a few jumps, we climbed this waterfall and explored onward. We came to another small pool, which nobody was at.

We didn’t stop there, we kept trekking on and came to the bridge I wanted to find!!! Super sketch, but we climbed onto it and had some fun with it.

This was a super fun hike. It reminded me of Maui, but brought out a great side of Oahu. The jungle was incredible and created a great adventure. Here’s some footage I got & put together of our afternoon.